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Let DealerCenter automatically send out Adverse Action Notices to your customers for just $1.29 per use.

We mail both Adverse Action and Risk-Based Pricing notices directly to your customer on your behalf whenever a consumer credit application is obtained.




Just let your DealerCenter rep know you’d like to start automating the sending of Adverse Actions Notices and we’ll instantly turn on this service.

Adverse Action

Seamlessly Automate Notices For Your Customers!


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Is it really my responsibility to send out an Adverse Action Notice?

Yes! Dealers are considered creditors for ECOA and FCRA purposes and are subject to their Adverse Action Notice requirements. Once you – as dealer - obtain a credit report from a potential customer it’s your responsibility to stay complaint and provide these notices within 30 days of obtaining a consumer credit application.

DealerCenter Gets it Done!

By automating Adverse Action Notices in DealerCenter, you can:

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  • Stay fully compliant with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) in case of an audit
  • Maintain a record of when notices are sent out
  • Set up in a few simple steps
  • Create reports on your adverse action activity in DealerCenter 


The Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) requires that "participating creditors" who "regularly participate in a credit decision" must send Adverse Action Notices when an Adverse Action has occurred. Dealers are considered creditors under the law.

Why do dealers need to provide an AAN?

How much is at risk if I don’t do this?

There are significant financial penalties for failure to comply: $10,000 in punitive damages per occurrence, but consumers can join a class action and it could go up to $500,000 or 1 percent of net worth.

Why should I send a RBPN/CSDEN to all my customers, even if I sold them a car?

What are the Risk-Based Pricing Notice and Credit Score Disclosure (RBPN/CSDEN)?

The RBPN/CSDEN complements the adverse action notice. It alerts customers about negative information in their credit reports so they can have an opportunity to correct errors. It is required when “based on the consumer report, credit terms are being offered that are less favorable than to others."

The notice is required to be given to the consumer before completing the transaction; it's usually provided in the contract package. For the customers who don't purchase a car from you, the mailed notice is compliant. For the customers who do purchase a car from you, the notice is included with the adverse action notice that is sent in the contract package.