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AudioEye + Your Dealer Website

- Accurate reporting to understand your website’s issues and fix them.
- Remediation of common WCAG accessibility errors through patented algorithms and help from AudioEye’s team of certified experts.
- Continuous monitoring of your website for changes and new issues that may arise.

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Between our team of experts, web accessibility evaluation tools, live and ongoing monitoring, QA evaluation, and manual auditing, we certify and help you on your journey to digital accessibility.

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Benefits of Digital Accessibility

- Improve your search optimization.
- Improve your overall user experience.
- Position your brand as one that values inclusivity.
- Reach a larger consumer audience representing billions in spending power.

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AudioEye’s AI-powered digital accessibility software and team of subject matter experts makes our digital accessibility hybrid approach the most comprehensive, sustainable solution for digital accessibility and ensuring legal protection, offering everyone accessible websites.

AudioEye creates a hybrid solution for addressing digital accessibility that’s completely unmatched in the market.

Why Does Digital Accessibility Matter?

Digital accessibility means creating and maintaining a barrier-free digital experience so that individuals of all abilities can access—and interact with—online information. Think about digital accessibility the same way you think of accessibility in the physical world. If a building isn’t designed for someone using an assistive device, like a wheelchair, that person is blocked from moving around that building. Similarly, if a website is not designed to work with an assistive technology, like a screen reader, that individual is blocked from moving around that website.

In our world today, the inability to navigate the internet is debilitating. Web and mobile channels are fast becoming the primary route to a wide range of important services: buying groceries; consuming entertainment; paying bills, and even socializing. Especially given recent global events, students are now often dependent on online access to attend classes. And if your digital services aren’t accessible to everyone, you are effectively shutting out up to 61 million people, that is, the one in four U.S. adults living with a disability.

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