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Go from inventory acquisition to frontline faster

Say goodbye to paper reports, manual data entry, email chains, and spreadsheets. Automate your reconditioning process straight from within DealerCenter with our seamless Carketa Recon integration.

Carketa FAQs


We believe a recon tool should make things easier. You shouldn’t need to pick and choose which employees need access the most. Add as many users as needed to help your team communicate and get work done faster.

How many users are you allowed to have?

Track and improve repairs

Simple DMS integration

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Track expenses

Carketa Recon Does the Heavy Lifting

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Seamless automated recon process

Say goodbye to crunching numbers and data spreadsheets

800+ dealerships around the globe use Carketa products

Save time and increase profit

Vendor communication tracked

Manage Inventory from DealerCenter's mobile and desktop app.

Carketa Recon is designed to automate the process which means you do not need to assign a task to a given department or user, but we made it possible anyway. Simply tag a user or group of users to alert them to begin working on that vehicle.

Can tasks be assigned to individual departments or users?

Tracking reconditioning expenses has never been easier. Expense your reconditioning expenses directly from our mobile app with detailed monthly reports.

Can you track reconditioning expenses in Carketa Recon?

Yes, you can run Carketa Recon seamlessly within DealerCenter from the cloud-based desktop app or the DC Mobile App.

Do you integrate with DealerCenter?

DealerCenter and Carketa Integration

Tired of logging into multiple software platforms? We have you covered. Run your recon workflow straight from within DealerCenter. We run the full suite of Carketa Recon analytics, mobile reporting, vendor management, tracked communication and more from within the DealerCenter Desktop and Mobile App.

Automate Your Recon Process

Inventory mangement is dreaded by many. But with the Carketa Recon, inventory is something anyone could look forward to. Our software allows you to manage wholesale and retail inventory at a faster pace and a more organized setting. Don’t spend and ruin your day doing manual inventory – let the Carketa Recon App do the work for you!

“It keeps everything organized. I know exactly where my trucks are at, what process they’re going to, and what they go to next.”

Anthony Sowell, General Manager | ACC Truck World

Jeevs Dusara, Co-Founder | Static Marketing

"I know everyone is in their set ways of using excel spread sheets, sticky notes, text messages, but they don’t know how easy Carketa is to use... If you spent a day using Carketa you’d never go back... That’s a fact.”